Cremesso coffee

Cremesso Coffee

Because coffee is not just coffee – the Cremesso coffee range

Our coffee is simple in three ways: simply excellent, simply quick and simply sustainable. As a Delica AG company, we look back on decades of Swiss coffee-processing expertise and with Cremesso have created a capsule system that is unrivalled in terms of taste and convenience. All our exclusive, UTZ-certified coffee varieties are the product of a careful selection of coffees, their balanced roasting and perfect grinding. The flavour-sealed and aluminium-free capsules thereby ensure that the more than 1,000 flavours are safely preserved right up to the moment of enjoyment. We have created a selected range of coffees for our coffee-lovers, which means you can choose from 16 different coffee blends to suit your taste.

Espresso in all its diversity

Classic espresso drinkers can choose between four different espresso varieties. The choice depends on how strong you like your coffee and what flavours it should delight you with. Our Espresso Classico is the golden mean. Enjoy an extremely balanced composition of floral notes and subtle nutty flavours with a complex, balanced acidity. For something a bit more lively, try the Espresso Alba.

Coffee specialities for all cup sizes

Our range has something for all cup sizes. Those who prefer a concentrated coffee experience should try our specially designed Ristretto Forte with its powerful, intense flavour. If you like the longer version, you can choose from four different lungo varieties: the powerful Lungo Fortissimo, the balanced, nutty Lungo Crema, the gentle, elegant Lungo Leggero and the aromatic, decaffeinated Lungo Decaffeinato.

For something a bit extraordinary, try the flavoured coffees from Cremesso – for instance, espressos with a fine, sweet note, flavoured either with vanilla in our seductive Lungo Vaniglia or caramel in our flavourful Lungo Caramello. Both varieties can also be refined with our milk frothers to create a coffee beverage with milk – this also works with the Espresso per Macchiato.

The whole flavour profile of a country in a single-estate coffee

In addition to our coffee blends, we also have specials in our range, which stand out because they are single-origin coffees. This means that the beans for these speciality coffees come from one country only – and carry its distinctive flavours. We currently stock the Galapagos and India Parchment special editions. All our coffee blends are UTZ certified and thus meet strict environmental, economic and social standards.