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What is special about a pressure of 19 bar?
The pressure used by an espresso machine to compress water through the capsule, is a crucial quality criterion. The aim is to release the up to 1000 aromas locked in the coffee capusle.
How does Cremesso ensure the freshness of the coffee?
The unique capsules give the Cremesso coffee a freshly ground taste. It is completely sealed and therefore preserves the countless flavours for your moment of indulgence.
What is it about the Energy Save System of the machines?
One minute following the last use, the device automatically switches to standby modus and hence reduces the energy consumption to below 0.3 watt. Cremesso machines are the most energy efficient on the market!
What is the average time needed to process a capsule?
The machine should require between 40 and 45 seconds to extract an espresso (60 ml). If you continually notice that a longer processing time is required, we request that you get in touch with us (don't throw the used capsules away).
How are used capsules disposed of?
Cremesso capsules do not require time-consuming recycling methods. The capsules are made out of polypropylene (the material used to produce rubbish bags), and can be disposed of in the household waste. One capsule weighs 1 gram.
What sets Cremesso apart from its competitors?
Cremesso is defined by 13 features:
  • Sustainability: UTZ certified coffee
  • Aluminium-free capsule (dispose of as household waste)
  • Whisper-quiet preparation
  • 15 seconds warm-up time until coffee is brewed
  • the short infusion period gives it extra time to brew
  • Energy Save Concept - automatic standby after 1 minute to 0.3 watt/hour
  • 19 bar pressure for the perfect crema
  • Barista quality in your own home
  • Aroma Safe capsules - like freshly ground coffee
  • Availability - throughout Germany in standard stores
  • when preparing tea - coffee and tea from one machine
  • Swiss origin
  • 60 years experience in coffee roasting
What is special about the biodegradable Cremesso capsule? What should I purchase biodegradable Cremesso capsules?
It is the first biodegradable capsule for the Cremesso system. Aside from the coffee (contents of the capsule), the capsule body and the cover film is also made from biodegradable materials.
Was ist speziell an der biologisch abbaubaren Cremesso Kapsel? Warum soll ich biologisch abbaubare Cremesso Kapseln kaufen?
Die Kapsel ist die erste für das Cremesso System, welche biologisch abbaubar ist. Abgesehen vom Kaffee (Inhalt der Kapsel) ist auch der Kapselkörper und die Deckfolie aus biologisch abbaubaren Materialien hergestellt.
Are the capsules recyclable?
Compatible machines
  • Uno
  • Una
  • Compact Automatic
  • Compact Manual
  • Compact One (II)
  • VIVA B6
  • Caffè Latte
When opening or closing the operating lever, I have to use more force than with the Cremesso capsules.
The machine can be operated as usual. The capsule is made from a flexible material: therefore, the capsule caves in and cannot damage the machine. Long-term tests on Cremesso machines were unable to establish any damage caused to the machines by the capsules.
Why did the conversion to biodegradable capsules not include the entire Cremesso range?
Cremesso is a self-contained, sealed capsule system, in which the capsules, machines and also the accessories are perfectly matched to one another. Cremesso provides a unique taste experience with a diverse selection of exquisite coffee and tea varieties. The assortment also includes coffee capsules in different price ranges. Combined with its innovative machines and various accessories, Cremesso will win you over with pure pleasure – cup after cup.
How can you tell the difference between the biodegradable capsules from the conventional Cremesso capsules?
The biodegradable capsules have no logo on the cover film and there is no spiral on the capsule base. The capsules from the standard range have a metallic look, a cover film with the Cremesso logo and a spiral on the capsule base.
How long does it take for the capsule to be biologically degraded?
A test was carried out to check the biodegradability. In our test in a fermentation plant, it took around 9 weeks for the capsule to break down. However, it was not a standardised DIN test, which is why precise statements cannot be made.
Can I compost the capsule in my household compost? If no, why not?
No the capsule cannot be composted in the household compost. When officially approved, the capsule can be disposed of with the compostable household waste in the organic waste bin.
Does the coffee taste exactly the same as the other capsules? Why not?
The coffee tastes the same as that from other capsules. However, each variety of capsule has its own flavour profile. That is why each Cremesso coffee variety will transport you on a unique coffee pleasure experience. Different organic and fair-trade certified coffees are used for both biodegradable varieties.
Where can I compost the capsules?
When officially approved, the capsule can be disposed of with the compostable household waste in the organic waste bin. It cannot be biodegraded on the household compost or in commercial plants.
Where do I find out whether the capsules can be put in the organic waste bin?
The following disposal information is imprinted on the back of the packaging: "When officially approved, the capsule can be disposed of with the compostable household waste in the organic waste bin." For more information regarding this, please contact the waste disposal department in your county.
Is there a collection point for biodegradable Cremesso capsules?
No, there is not a collection point specifically for biodegradable Cremesso coffee capsules. When officially approved, the capsules can be disposed of in the designated organic waste bin.
The capsule does not fall into the capsule container. What can be done?
If the capsule does not automatically fall into the capsule container, you can lightly press down on the capsule with your finger after opening the operating lever.
The standard Cremesso capsule has a spiral on the base. Why is there no spiral on the biodegradable capsules?
The spiral was intentionally removed the form capsule base in order to distinguish the biodegradable capsules from the standard range. The flat base of the biodegradable capsules has no influence on the functionality and taste experience. The hallmarks of the biodegradable capsules are the flat capsule bases as well as the white, unlabelled cover film.
Why is there a bulge one the side of the capsule following the extraction?
Because the biodegradable material of the capsule does not have the same property as the non-biodegradable capsules, you may notice an indentation on the side of the capsule following extraction. This has no influence on the functionality and the taste experience.
Is the capsule dye also biodegradable? What materials is the capsule dye made of?
Yes, the capsule dyes are biodegradable. Sicoversal® B is used to dye the capsule. Sicoversal® B is based on ecoflex® and all of its ingredients comply with the European standards pertaining to compostability.
Is the packaging biodegradable too?
The outer packaging is made out of FSC cardboard, which can be recycled.
What does the organic logo stand for? Does it only apply to the coffee or to the capsule as well?
The organic logo only applies to organically certified coffee.
What is organic waste bin?
The organic waste bin is a container with a lid in which biologically recyclable household waste can be disposed. In Germany, the organic waste bin is brown or green.
Does it have an effect on the ecological footprint if I dispose of capsules in the organic waste bin?
In the best case, capsules are disposed of in the organic waste bin and fermented and composted on an industrial compost plant. The resulting CO2 is used as energy and the humus as substrate is returned to the earth via compost.
Why was a biodegradable capsule launched?
Composting and fermentation are very important both ecologically and economically. There are a range of products on the market, but only a small proportion are currently disposed of accordingly. The launch of a biodegradable coffee capsule from renewable raw materials is intended to provide an impetus. Besides a high-quality organic product that is very convenient, the aim is to harness the option of industrial composting to also provide a product that is useful and in harmony with nature throughout the entire life cycle from the cultivation right through to the disposal. The disposal systems are not yet sufficiently developed to accept these products separately. The launch of such a product by a major manufacturer should also generate the momentum to develop these disposal systems accordingly, since this will increase the amount of industrially compostable products.

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