Sustained and sustainable enjoyment.

Our commitment.

Cremesso not only offers top quality in every cup, but also guarantees that the highest possible standards are maintained in cultivation. This is why the Cremesso standard range is Rainforest Alliance-certified. Rainforest Alliance is a non-governmental organisation that promotes the environmentally friendly and socially acceptable cultivation of agricultural products. The label guarantees sustainable coffee production that takes both people and nature into account.

Further information

The Cremesso capsule system – simply an excellent choice

Cremesso is for those who simply want to drink excellent coffee. Therefore, our capsule system focuses on the essentials: namely on carefully selected coffees as well as excellent machines and premium accessories, which offer you quality coffee day in, day out – whether in the morning or evening, whether for guests or simply for your own enjoyment.

Barista quality coffee specialities

Why are we so sure of this? Because as a Delica AG brand, we benefit from over 60 years of Swiss coffee expertise. This guarantees not only reliability and quality, but also an innovative spirit. We have managed to artfully combine the skills of a barista and the simplicity of a push of a button in a capsule system. We make the decision easy for quality-conscious coffee drinkers, because they can find exactly what they are looking for: a selection of fine coffee specialities which provide the right blend of coffee for every taste.

The right capsule system for every coffee-lover

And even when it comes to our machines there is a choice to match every individual need – whether reduced to the essentials with our Cremesso Una Automatic or with the preinfusion function, as featured in our premium model, the Cremesso Viva Elegante. Either way, each model with its constant pressure of 19 bar always promises a perfect crema and exquisite coffee enjoyment. You can improve the experience even more with the right accessories, for example with our milk frothers.

Coffee enjoyment with a clear conscience

With the Cremesso coffee range, we ensure not only that the coffee is of the highest quality, but also that you can enjoy it with a clear conscience: our entire standard range is Rainforest Alliance certified. This certificate confirms that our coffee is prepared according to strict environmental, economic and social standards.