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Our commitment.

Cremesso not only offers top quality in every cup, but also guarantees that the highest possible standards are maintained in cultivation. This is why the Cremesso standard range is Rainforest Alliance-certified. Rainforest Alliance is a non-governmental organisation that promotes the environmentally friendly and socially acceptable cultivation of agricultural products. The label guarantees sustainable coffee production that takes both people and nature into account.

Further information

Always the right blend – the Cremesso range of coffees and teas

Cremesso represents the essential – excellent barista-quality coffee at home, which you get at the touch of a button, because our machines maintain the optimum pressure of 19 bar to ensure the ideal development of flavours in the cup and the perfect crema.

Our products benefit from more than 60 years of Swiss coffee-processing experience – as a Delica AG company, we are experts in the field of roasting, grinding and packaging for the perfect flavour. Therefore, only the top 16 blends managed to get into in our coffee range from which coffee-lovers can choose today.

The full range of flavours in a coffee capsule

Our coffee blends are available for every taste and every cup size – as espresso, ristretto, lungo or as the basis for an enticing coffee beverage with milk. Most of our coffees are made from selected Arabica beans from Central and South America and noble Robusta beans from Asia – that goes for the balanced Espresso Classico, the strong and intensive Ristretto Forte and the particularly gentle Lungo Leggero.

In addition to coffee blends, we also offer single-estate coffees. These single-variety coffees bear the distinctive flavour of a particular country of origin. Our special editions include the India Parchment.

Extraordinary taste, fair production

Those with a taste for something more extraordinary will definitely find what they are looking for among our flavoured coffees. In addition to their typical full-bodied coffee flavour, these coffees offer notes of caramel or vanilla. The Lungo Caramello, for example, gives a caramel macchiato its finishing touch, and the Lungo Vaniglia makes your morning coffee truly unique.

Our entire standard range stands not only for good taste, but also for good provenance, because through UTZ certification, we ensure that the production of our coffee is subject to strict environmental, economic and social standards.

For quiet moments – the Cremesso tea range

As the first 19-bar coffee capsule system, Cremesso also has another great feature: you can make excellent tea as well as excellent coffee – just as fast and easily. Our delicious tea blends are available in five varieties – from soothing to mildly sweet to fruity. In this way, we make sure that everyone really gets what they want – the choice is yours.