13 reasons for choosing Cremesso


Enjoyment with a clear conscience.

Coffee cultivation that protects Man and the environment.


Cremesso coffee capsules are now produced from 65% tree resin. The capsules can continue to be disposed of with household rubbish, but are not compostable. The functionality of the capsule remains identical and still ensures that the coffee maintains its flavour for long-lasting enjoyment. We are therefore taking an important step towards making the Cremesso coffee system even more sustainable.

Cremesso coffee capsules are made from at least 65% renewable raw materials (tree resin) that are certified in accordance with the ISCC mass balance method*. The basic material is renewable polymer (plastic) made from liquid tree resin, which significantly reduces the use of fossil resources. This tree resin - also referred to as tall oil - is a bi-product of wood pulping and used for producing the main component of our capsule material.

Tall oil therefore forms the basis for our new and more sustainable Cremesso coffee capsules.

A life cycle assessment** study has shown that replacing fossil resources with tall oil constitutes an environmental saving of about 40% per Cremesso capsule. Extrapolated to one year, this environmental saving equates to the environmental footprint of 84 people flying once around the world. That's approximately 3.4 million kilometres by plane.

* At least 65% renewable resources, certified in accordance with the ISCC mass balance method
** Comparison of the existing Cremesso capsule and the new one, each excluding coffee powder, LCA of Cremesso coffee capsules by Carbotech AG

Commitment at the source

Since 2016, we have been supporting about 300 coffee farmers in the Honduran village of La Laguna with the aim of improving their living and working conditions in a sustainable manner. Coffee from La Laguna has been used for the standard Cremesso range for several years. We also support local healthcare through financial contributions.


Electricity-saving coffee machines

Thanks to a combination of innovative power electronics and a stand-by mode which is activated 60 seconds after the last coffee is made, Cremesso coffee machines use very little electricity. Our coffee machines consume up to 40% less electricity than fully automatic coffee machines. This is enough saved energy to ride an electric bicycle for more than 3000 kilometres a year.


Valuable collaboration

Cremesso works together with internationally recognised organisations to ensure more sustainable coffee cultivation worldwide. One such organisation is the Rainforest Alliance. Cremesso strives to create a better future for Man and the environment. That's why we buy our coffee from Rainforest Alliance-certified farms. Together, we ensure that the coffee farmers at the start of the value-adding chain enjoy the living conditions needed to guarantee economic coffee cultivation in the long term. Better living conditions at the source mean more sustainable coffee for you at home.

Due to supply chain disruptions, we are currently unable to source enough certified coffee for our products with the Rainforest Alliance seal. This means that these products currently contain only 70% Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee ingredients. We apologize for the inconvenience. As soon as this supply shortage is resolved, we expect to return to sourcing from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms for these products. You can find more information here.


Coffee made in Switzerland

Cremesso has decades of expertise in coffee processing. For 60 years, coffee has been roasted, ground and packaged in a consumer-friendly manner in Birsfelden near Basel. We attach great value to "Swissness" during the production of our coffee. After the green, unroasted beans from the country of origin have arrived in Birsfelden, the coffee remains in Switzerland for processing and is then exported.