13 reasons for choosing Cremesso


Cremesso system

Good reasons for choosing Cremesso

Barista quality even at home

With the Cremesso capsule coffee machine, you can create the perfect espresso like a true professional. And you can do so even at home in your own kitchen.

19 bar pressure for a perfect crema

To make a perfect espresso, the pressure is crucial. 19 bar is considered the ideal value for capsule systems, so that the optimum amount of water is pressed through the aromatic fresh coffee.

15 seconds warm-up time

When it comes to warm-up time, Cremesso machines are the fastest on the market. This saves you from having to wait long for a coffee and also reduces the energy costs. In just 15 seconds, the capsule coffee machines are ready to go.

Aluminium-free capsules

Cremesso capsules are made of polypropylene and can simply be disposed of along with your household rubbish..

60 years’ experience in coffee roasting

Delica AG is a company belonging to the Migros Group and has decades of experience as an expert in coffee processing. For the last 60 years, coffee has been roasted, ground and put into consumer-friendly packaging in Birsfelden near Basel.

For sustained and sustainable coffee enjoyment

Enjoying coffee with a clear conscience – our entire standard range is UTZ-certified, and thus fulfils stringent ecological, economic and social criteria. The certification allows the coffee to be traced back to its origin. Why not use our special traceability tool to find out more about the cooperative where your Cremesso coffee was grown?


The Cremesso capsules contain carefully selected coffee blends. Our aroma-proof capsules were developed to provide you with a taste just like freshly ground coffee. More than 1000 aromas are conserved in the Cremesso capsules. This guarantees you an excellent cup of coffee every morning.

Energy Save Concept

The Energy Save Concept ensures maximum energy efficiency. This unique energy-optimised concept ensures that ultimately, an absolute minimum of electricity is used. The maximum energy consumption of the Cremesso machines is just 0.3 watts in standby mode. All in all, the energy consumption is 60% lower than for a machine featuring energy label “A”. The Cremesso machines thus have the lowest energy consumption of all machines on the market.

Swiss origin

Our coffee is processed at the Delica (part of the Migros Group) roasting plant, which is known for the exceptional quality of its products.


Cremesso machines and the appropriate capsules are available from local retailers. Please use our branch finder to find your nearest sales point.

With tea making

Cremesso offers not only coffee, but is the first 19-bar coffee capsule system to offer tea from the same machine. There are three teas in the tea range: Ceylon Pekoe, Fruit Fantasy and Peppermint. Discover our range of teas here.


Unsere Maschinen bereiten Kaffee und Tee flüsterleise zu. Für einen ruhigen Start in den Tag.


Die kurze Aroma-Entfaltungspause sorgt für einen Vorbrüheffekt, mit dem Ristretto und Espresso mehr Aroma denn je entfaltet. Dank sortenindividueller Pumpensteuerung erreichen auch Lungos ein Aromaprofil von exzellenter Qualität.