Cremesso Easy


The new Cremesso Easy shines as a compact and sassy entry model. Thanks to the pre-infusion function, your ristretto and espresso are briefly pre-brewed, thereby developing even more flavour. Thanks to its individual pump control, the Cremesso Easy can whip up the perfect flavour profile for your lungo. Even the smallest of kitchens have room for this compact machine. Thanks to a height-adjustable tray, you can always enjoy your coffee or tea in your favourite cup. Small but powerful, the Cremesso Easy is great for coffee connoisseurs or as a way for newbies to get into the coffee game. Or simply as the centrepiece in small or shared kitchens and kitchenettes.


About this machine


Preinfusion function

The preinfusion function enables the Cremesso Easy to produce a more intense espresso or ristretto. Individual pump settings also ensure that your lungos develop an even more complex flavour profile.


15 seconds warm-up-time

With a warm-up time of 15 seconds, the Cremesso Easy is one of the fastest on the market. So you can enjoy a good coffee even faster in the morning. And at the same time reduce energy costs.


Quite as a whisper

The Cremesso Easy is as quiet as a whisper – you can hardly hear it. The perfect flatmate – quiet and makes a mean brew.

Technical specifications

  • Preinfusion function
  • Energy Save Concept (automatic standby mode with 0.3 W energy consumption after one minute)
  • Energy consumption (kWh/year): 34.02
  • Pump pressure: 19 bar
  • Warm-up time: 15 seconds
  • Number of programmable buttons for coffee or tea: 2
  • Capsule collection bin capacity : 14 capsules
  • Removable water tank: 0.9 l
  • Cup height: 91 mm / 106 mm / 152 mm (without tray)
  • Output: 1,450 W
  • Dimensions (L × W × H) : 34.4 x 11.0 x 24.3 cm
  • Weight: approx. 2.3 kg
  • Cable length: 80 cm