The People



Transport at La Laguna is challenging: hilly, poorly paved streets and pitted gravel paths slow the work down and make it extremely difficult. Heavy rainfall in particular often tests the limits of cars, mototaxis and horses. In the past, farmers would organise transport to the next largest city themselves, which was difficult for them both logistically and financially. Today they bring the coffee to the “Beneficio” at La Laguna, where exporters pick it up and transport it by truck to San Pedro Sula.


When the “Beneficio”, roasters and exporters work together directly, the supply chain becomes transparent. This allows coffee farmers to react to price fluctuations and only sell their coffee at the best prices. Direct contact with exporters also helps the farmers to pre-finance workers salaries or fertiliser.


Our long-term commitment allows us to create a stable, transparent value chain and supply chain. When we work together closely, it fosters a climate of trust and security for everyone involved, which in turn allows for forward-looking planning. This makes it possible to make investments that won’t fully bear fruit for a number of years. And, last but not least, it also means that we can discuss important issues such as coffee quality directly with the farmers themselves.