The new Limited Edition serves up a full-bodied espresso with strong roasted aromas and an intense crema.

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A strong new espresso from a great source.


La Laguna is one of a total of 27 hamlets that form the district of ConcepciĆ³n del Norte in Honduras. Growing coffee is the livelihood of most of the local inhabitants. One fifth of the coffee we source from Honduran plantations comes from there. That's why La Laguna is very important to us. To ensure consistent quality and a special gustatory experience, the cherries are painstakingly checked and harvested by hand. But the most distinctive feature of this Special Edition is that 30 cents of the coffee's price flow back directly to the La Laguna coffee farmers themselves so they get a better price. The money also funds health, infrastructure and education projects. You can learn more about our commitment in La Laguna at the following address:

About this coffee


La Laguna Honduras proudly bears its origin in its name: This coffee is made from hand-picked beans from the La Laguna region; part of the ConcepciĆ³n del Norte district. The beans are gently harvested in several harvesting phases. UTZ-certified 100% Arabica beans ensure this single-origin coffee has an unmistakable flavor.


Medium roasting and finely ground beans give the coffee a light, well-integrated acidity. In addition, our coffee beans are roasted in a gentle, slow roasting process.


This coffee offers a delicate, fruity taste that is characteristic of single-origin coffees, thus further accentuating its creaminess. Its aroma is reminiscent of a blend of dark chocolate and dried plums.


Sustained and sustainable enjoyment

The Standard Cremesso coffee range is UTZ certified. UTZ is a global certification programme for sustainable coffee production. UTZ promotes responsible and sustainable coffee production. The programme focuses on improving the living conditions of the coffee farmers by providing training in cultivation methods and management. This helps ensure a consistent coffee bean quality, stable productivity and minimum impact on natural resources.

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