Espresso Edizione Italiana


Typical Italian espresso with a distinctive roast.

Variety Espresso
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Maximum delight for lovers of Italian coffee

Full, rich coffee taste
Strong, intense, long-lasting - this is our Edizione Italiana. It contains two unique coffee specialities that bring typical Italian coffee enjoyment into your cup and convey the "Bella Italia" attitude to life with every sip. Wrapped in the colours of the Italian tricolour, you will be seduced by an aromatic espresso and a powerful ristretto. It is coffees with corners and edges whose taste profiles stand out from the existing coffees in the Cremesso range.
Delight à la Italiana
Typical Italian coffee, as the people of Italy prefer to drink it themselves, is above all one thing: intense. It is the strong roasted aromas and the full-bodied taste that make up the character of the coffee. Those who are at home in Italy usually enjoy their coffee in the mornings in one of the numerous coffee bars. Prepared by passionate baristas, the delicious energisers wander across the counter every second. Sweetened with a little sugar, a "caffè" is an enjoyable start to the day. But also the short break after lunch or the convivial end of the day can be enjoyed even more with a first-class coffee.
Enchanted by the flair of Italy
Because the moment is precious, enjoying it is very important in Italy. Drinking coffee is one of those moments. Italians deliberately reserve time to enjoy a delicious coffee. Because it's about celebrating the moment – alone or with the right company. The espresso and the ristretto of our Cremesso Edizione Italiana spoil your taste buds either with nutty-chocolate flavours, with strong toasted notes or with a pronounced sweetness. And in addition to the typical coffee taste, the cosy street cafés opposite the Milan Cathedral, the Colosseum in Rome or the Rialto Bridge in Venice bring the ambience directly to your home.

About this coffee


The aromatic, passionate Espresso Edizione Italiana contains noble Arabica beans as well as high-quality Robusta beans from Central and South America, Africa and Asia. The coffee is cultivated and processed according to UTZ-certified standards.


The gently roasted coffee beans with a dark roasted colour give the espresso a pleasant roasted flavour. The fine grinding of the beans produces a dense, beige-brown crema.


The creamy Espresso Edizione Italiana captivates with a pleasant roasted flavour and wonderfully nutty-chocolaty aromas reminiscent of Gianduja. The espresso is characterized by an intense, berry acidity and a mild sweetness of dried fruits such as fig and plum.


Sustained and sustainable enjoyment

The entire standard Cremesso coffee range is certified by the Rainforest Alliance; a global certification programme for sustainable coffee production. The Rainforest Alliance promotes responsible and sustainable coffee production. The programme focuses on improving the living conditions of coffee farmers by providing training in cultivation techniques and economics. The results in coffee beans of a consistent quality, stable productivity and careful use of natural resources.