Papua New Guinea


Sensual espresso with notes of dark berries, a hint of pepper and a wonderfully creamy texture.

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Exclusive highland coffee of the Pacific Ocean

The jungle beauty kings
Untouched, wild nature. Indigenous people who hunt with spears and follow ancient traditions, living in the middle of the jungle. Over 800 different languages. Breathtaking coral reefs. Countless unexplored animal and plant species. The remote island state Papua New Guinea teaches us how to be amazed - and as we are particularly impressed by the birds of paradise, we even put them onto the packaging of our Limited Edition. The extroverted, magnificent birds with their extraordinary plumage in all colour palettes perfectly embody the complexity of Cremesso's latest creation. The birds of paradise were certainly one of the reasons why naturalist Jared Diamond says: "Once you've been to New Guinea, the rest of the world is boring".
On a discovery tour beneath the water: old wrecks and colourful corals
The underwater world of Papua New Guinea is in no way inferior to the wild nature on its land. Old wrecks from the 2nd World War and partly still completely untouched coral reefs form not only a breathtaking scenery, but also a habitat for countless sea creatures. The biodiversity here is up to 10 times as large as in the Caribbean! The famous "Kimbe Bay" is home to hundreds of different fish species and stone corals. Diving is an adventure: Anemone fish, seahorses and turtles, but also impressive manta rays, schools of tuna, dolphins and sharks make the hearts of underwater enthusiasts beat faster. To ensure that the underwater paradise will continue to exist for the generations to come, the island's conservation programme is committed to preserving the coral reefs.
And what does all this have to do with coffee now?
Papua New Guinea is called "Land of the Unexpected" by the locals. The name says it all - because who would suspect that coffee plays an important role here? But it does: it is the second most exported agricultural product and an important source of income for around 400,000 families. It is related to the famous "Jamaica Blue Mountain" coffee - one of the most expensive coffees in the world and the first Cremesso World's Finest Coffees in 2013. This is also evident in its taste. The taste profile is characterised by a full, creamy body, intense, spicy and slightly fruity notes and a beautifully integrated acidity. For some years now, national competitions have been held in which the best Arabica coffees from Papua New Guinea are selected. These competitions are intended to motivate coffee farmers to improve their cultivation and preparation methods and thus also their coffee quality in the long term.
Eastern Highlands: a spa for coffee plants
The coffee for our Limited Edition is produced by a group of small farmers from Okapa, Lufa and Henganofi Districts in the Eastern Highlands Province. This region has a low humidity, little wind and the fertile soil is supplied with many minerals - the ideal conditions for the growth of the sensitive Arabica coffee plants of the Bourbon variety. In order to guarantee the best possible coffee quality, only ripe cherries are carefully picked and processed by hand. The farmers take their coffee cherries to the washing stations, where they remove the pulp and are then fermented in large tanks. Through this "fully washed" process the coffee develops its fruity acidity and a beautiful sweetness.

About this coffee


The Arabica coffee cherries of the Bourbon variety grow between wild mountain ridges and fertile valleys in the middle of the Eastern Highlands province of the Pacific island state of Papua New Guinea. The prevailing climate at 1,700 to 2,000 metres above sea level is ideal for growing the sensitive Arabica coffee plants. Only ripe cherries are carefully picked by hand and processed wet. This adds a fine sweetness and a variety of fruity aromas to this highland coffee.


The medium roast extracts fine aromas of dark berries and a hint of caramel from the Arabica beans. The medium-fine grinding ensures that the coffee becomes particularly creamy during preparation and feels wonderfully soft in the mouth. Prepared as espresso, this exclusive highland coffee unfolds its special taste profile to optimum effect.


This sensual Arabica coffee captivates with spicy notes, a pleasant fruity acidity and a beautiful sweetness. It has a very creamy texture. Notes of dark berries, a hint of pepper and a long-lasting finish round off the taste experience of Cremesso Papua New Guinea. Product Deklaration


Sustained and sustainable enjoyment

The Standard Cremesso coffee range is UTZ certified. UTZ is a global certification programme for sustainable coffee production. UTZ promotes responsible and sustainable coffee production. The programme focuses on improving the living conditions of the coffee farmers by providing training in cultivation methods and management. This helps ensure a consistent coffee bean quality, stable productivity and minimum impact on natural resources.

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