Lungo Vaniglia


Delicate Lungo with subtle vanilla flavour. 

Variety Lungo
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About this coffee


The high-quality Arabica beans from Central America give this lungo its delicate acidity. The carefully selected Indian Arabica coffee beans leave a slightly sweet finish on the palate and are rounded off by harmonious vanilla aromas. Find out more about the producers of this coffee in the Sustainability section.


The dark roasting process gives this lungo a slightly roasty aroma. A sophisticated body develops with the fine grind of the coffee, blending gently with the vanilla aroma.


This perfect symbiosis between elegant lungo and subtle vanilla flavour culminates in an exquisite coffee experience.


Sustained and sustainable enjoyment

The Standard Cremesso coffee range is UTZ certified. UTZ is a global certification programme for sustainable coffee production. UTZ promotes responsible and sustainable coffee production. The programme focuses on improving the living conditions of the coffee farmers by providing training in cultivation methods and management. This helps ensure a consistent coffee bean quality, stable productivity and minimum impact on natural resources.

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