A bouquet of dark berries and notes of cocoa make up the flavor of this intense espresso, which is rounded off by harmonious roasted aromas.

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A washed taste experience or: "kia mbuu"
The home of the Limited Edition Kenya is found in the Kiambu County region, which is situated in the country's highlands. The region is renowned for its excellent coffee and tea and is characterized by a sunny and also rainy climate. Many stories are told about the origin of the place name: one refers to the area's rainy climate and says that Kiambu comes from the term "kia mbuu", which translated into English roughly means "place of drizzle". And it is precisely here that the secret of the beans' high quality can be found. Thanks to the regular rainfall and the volcanic soil found in the region, Kiambu County is ideal for coffee cultivation. There is also the slow high-altitude ripening process, which combined with the moderate climate leads to fine flavor development and creates an outstanding quality of coffee. All of these factors ensure that the Limited Edition Kenya is just as varied in its flavor as the place from which it originates.
A synonym for the beauty and diversity of Kenya: the bongo
Known for its beauty and threatened with extinction: the bongo belongs to the genus of antelopes and is native to the Mount Kenya massif. The diverse wilderness of Kenya now counts only less than 100 of these unique animals among its inhabitants. This is why both the Kenyan population and a community-organized animal welfare initiative are working to ensure the survival of the bongo. Together, they inform public institutions like schools and communities about the situation with respect to the endangered antelope species. They also erect fences to provide protection against illegal poaching and deforestation.
Representing Kenya's diversity, beauty and uniqueness, the bongo adorns the design of this limited edition.

About this coffee


These arabica beans originate from the Kiambu County region, which is located in the heart of Kenya. Small-scale local farmers take care of harvesting the hand-picked beans, which ripen at an altitude of between 1,500 and 1,750 meters above sea level in a moderate climate.


The beans undergo a gentle roasting process which optimally brings out their complex aromas. The taste profile, which can be characterized as sweet, is countered by a pleasant acidity, and these two aspects combined form a unique pleasure experience.

Product Declaration


The flavors of the Limited Edition Kenya comprise hints of chocolate and berry notes. Prepared as an espresso, the result is a coffee with a thick crema, rounded off by a harmonious roasted aroma and with a taste that reflects the diversity and liveliness of its origin.


Sustained and sustainable enjoyment

The Standard Cremesso coffee range is UTZ certified. UTZ is a global certification programme for sustainable coffee production. UTZ promotes responsible and sustainable coffee production. The programme focuses on improving the living conditions of the coffee farmers by providing training in cultivation methods and management. This helps ensure a consistent coffee bean quality, stable productivity and minimum impact on natural resources.