Surprisingly complex lungo with fine, chocolatey sweetness, notes of cocoa and intensive roast aromas.

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Exclusive highland coffee from the smallest country in Central America

Small, but stunning!
El Salvador is only half the size of Switzerland, but it has just as much to offer. Imposing volcanic mountains, deep-blue volcanic lakes, stunning beaches, sweet juicy mangoes and last but not least, all sorts of 'Pusa ' – tasty stuffed dumplings made from cornmeal. And even better: the smallest country in Central America is a true paradise for speciality coffee. Thanks to its unique soil conditions, climate and altitude, El Salvador has the ideal growth conditions for the finest Arabica varieties. One such example is the Pacamara coffee for our latest World’s Finest Coffees No.7 range.
Big, and also stunning!
The Arabica variety Pacamara is distinguished by its exceptional size and complex flavour with notes of chocolate and citrus. Pacamara beans are large in size, grown almost exclusively in El Salvador and are a hybrid of two Arabica varieties: Pacas and Maragogype. The latter are known as 'elephant beans' for their large size. In our coffee, the largest beans grow to just over 16 inches, which corresponds to the best coffee category in Latin America ('Superior'). Pacamara beans are harder and thicker than other Arabica varieties. Grown at 1600 m above sea level, the beans have enough time to ripen slowly and fully develop their complex aromas and characteristic sweetness.
Coffee in the veins
In addition to sugar, shrimps and cotton, coffee is one of El Salvador's most important exports. However, for the local people, coffee is much more than an export – it's part of the Salvadoran identity and has been grown since 1855. For the local coffee producers, extracting the best possible coffee from each coffee plant is a matter of course. They are proud of their exclusive coffee and excellent reputation in the coffee world – a reputation which they know how to preserve. That's one of the reasons why the Arabica varieties from El Salvador are among some of the best in the world.
Happy People – happy Art
In case you hadn't noticed, the packaging for our El Salvador Pacamara coffee is very colourful. There are good reasons for this – the design reflects the joie de vivre and colourful art of the Salvadorans. It is also a tribute to the works of talented artists such as Fernando Llort. In 1989 he launched a foundation in La Palma (El Salvador), which provides apprenticeships for young Latin American artists. It aims to support young talent and pass on Salvadoran folk art to future generations.

About this coffee


The beans from the Arabica Pacamara variety are some of the largest in the world. The coffee plants are grown in the mountainous volcanic region of Apaneca Ilamatepec in El Salvador at 1600 m above sea level. The mild, high-altitude climate makes the beans ripen more slowly and produces thicker beans. The juicy red cherries are harvested carefully by hand before being washed and dried naturally, which releases their complex aroma profile.


The medium, gentle roasting emphasizes the unique character of this Pacamara coffee. Meanwhile, the medium-fine grind produces a creamy, full-bodied texture. When prepared as lungo, the intensive flavour profile of this exclusive highland coffee comes into its own.

Product Declaration


This coffee is perfect for chocolate fans. The exquisite Pacamara coffee features intensive cocoa aromas, an exceptional sweetness and delicious roast aromas. The acidity is well integrated and gives the coffee subtle citrus notes. Cremesso El Salvador Pacamara is also characterized by its creamy, full-boded texture and long after-taste.